Installation Guide

Installation Guide

EV charger installation doesn’t need to be complex, despite all those overcomplicated guides already out there. Without compromising on quality, our chargers have been designed with optimum simplicity: they’re super quick and easy to install. Our aim is to save you time and put the enjoyment back into installation.

We’ve made wiring simple with an oversized chamber and easily identifiable, over-sized terminals. The removeable front cover and handy integral mounting template mean that our EV chargers are easy to mount too. We’ve taken the fuss and frustration out of EV charger installation by reducing the number of fiddly screws and have even included a free security driver bit to save you time. Features like multiple gland locations and straightforward CT coil wiring keep installation simple while giving options for extra functionality. 



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Before you buy...

We strongly recommend that you speak to a qualified and experienced installer before you buy an Alpha7 EV charger.  An installer will be able to advise you on: the suitability and complexity of your installation, the most appropriate type of product, and give you an idea of the total cost involved.  Contact us if you have any concerns.

What are the minimum technical requirements?

The Alpha7 needs to be permanently connected to a regular 230V RCD protected supply. It can be fitted indoors or outdoors, surface or post mounted, and must be fitted at a height of between 0.9 and 1.5m from the ground. There are no access restrictions. No WiFi signal or network connection is needed. The Alpha7 is suitable for private domestic and private workplace locations.

Is the Alpha7 Easy to Install?

The Alpha7 has been designed with the installer in mind. The box insert contains a helpful template to aid in marking out the 4 stainless steel mounting screws (supplied). High-quality DeWalt fixing plugs are also included. The supply cable can be fitted from any direction. Extra finger space in the terminal chamber and extra-large terminal apertures will ease installation. Simple DIP-switch selection configures the output current limit, dynamic load-balancing option, and load sharing. You’ll be done in no time!

Does the Alpha7 need an earth rod?

The Alpha7 has built-in PEN ground-fault protection in accordance with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, section 722.411.4.1 iv. An integral 30mA AC and 6mA DC earth leakage protection device is also included. An earth rod or an expensive external PME PEN fault protection device is not required.

Do I need to install the home "Dynamic load-balancing"

Installers should consider the main incomer fuse rating, the existing installed load, and whether the addition of an EV charger will likely lead to overloading. The Alpha7 dynamic load monitoring kit is an easy and inexpensive solution to ensure safe and reliable installations. Don't forget to select one on your order!

Can I Install My own Alpha7?

We would very strongly recommend against this unless you are a professional electrician with a current qualification for the 18th edition wiring regulations: BS EN7671: as well as specific training, certification, and experience in EV charger installation. We recommend that you speak to a qualified and experienced local installer to arrange this work. FastAmps do not arrange installations but in some instances we can recommend an installer: please contact us if you would like more information.

Alpha 7 Specs

  • Electrical Rating
    7.4kW, 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 32A
  • Earth Leakage Protection
    Integrated 30mA AC, 6mA DC earth fault protection, & built-in PEN fault detection
  • Over-current protection
    Internal (Dynamic)
  • Operating temperature
    -30ºC to +50ºC
  • Socket type
    Type 2, EN62196 connector
  • LED Indication
    Integrated LED charging status indicator
  • Standby power consumption
    ~2.7 watts
  • Dimensions
    (H)270 mm x (W)140 mm x (D)110 mm
  • Weight
  • Enclosure rating
    IP54, Fire retardant, UV stabilized, impact & corrosion resistant
  • Certifications
    UKCA & CE to EN 61851-1, EN 61439-1&7, EN62196-1&2, EN 62955

Simplify Your Installation

Simply Install

From the ground up, our chargers have been designed for installers. No unnecessary components, a compact enclosure, and clear, straightforward setup. You won’t find a faster install.

Simply Charge

Having fewer components in our chargers doesn’t mean you compromise on performance. While simple, our chargers easily match more complicated options on the market.

Simply Reliable

A wide operating temperature range, tough enclosure and certified through a rigorous test program, reliable is the byword. An EV charger for business or for your home, this is EV charging done right.