Alpha7 EV Charger

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The FastAmps Alpha7 EV charger is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes and workplace car parks. Its simple, compact, robust, and reliable design provides up to 7.4kW (32A) of power.

Key Features

  • 7.4kW
  • Locking Cable
  • Dynamic Overcurrent Protection
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The FastAmps Alpha7 EV charger is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes and workplace car parks.  Its simple, compact, robust, and reliable design provides up to 7.4kW (32A) of power. 

Alpha 7 Specs

  • Electrical Rating
    7.4kW, 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 32A
  • Earth Leakage Protection
    Integrated 30mA AC, 6mA DC earth fault protection, & built-in PEN fault detection
  • Over-current protection
    Internal (Dynamic)
  • Operating temperature
    -30°C to +50°C
  • Socket type
    Type 2, EN62196 connector
  • LED Indication
    Integrated LED charging status indicator
  • Standby power consumption
    ~2.7 watts
  • Dimensions
    (H)270 mm x (W)140 mm x (D)110 mm
  • Weight
  • Enclosure rating
    IP54, Fire retardant, UV stabilized, impact & corrosion resistant
  • Certifications
    UKCA & CE to EN 61851-1, EN 61439-1&7, EN62196-1&2, EN 62955


Before you buy...

We strongly recommend that you speak to a qualified and experienced installer before you buy an Alpha7 EV charger.  An installer will be able to advise you on: the suitability and complexity of your installation, the most appropriate type of product, and give you an idea of the total cost involved.  Contact us if you have any concerns.

What are the minimum technical requirements?

The Alpha7 needs to be permanently connected to a regular 230V RCD protected supply.  It can be fitted indoors or outdoors, surface or post mounted, and must be fitted at a height of between 0.9 and 1.5m from the ground.  There are no access restrictions.  No WiFi signal or network connection is needed.  The Alpha7 is suitable for private domestic and private workplace locations.  

Is the Alpha7 Easy to Install?

The Alpha7 has been designed with the installer in mind.  The box insert contains a helpful template to aid in marking out the 4 stainless steel mounting screws (supplied).  High-quality DeWalt fixing plugs are also included.  The supply cable can be fitted from any direction.  Extra finger space in the terminal chamber and extra-large terminal apertures will ease installation.  Simple DIP-switch selection configures the output current limit, dynamic load-balancing option, and load sharing.  You’ll be done in no time!

View the Quick Start Guide >

View the Installation & User Guide >

Does the Alpha7 need an earth rod?

The Alpha7 has built-in PEN ground-fault protection in accordance with the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, section 722.411.4.1 iv.  An integral 30mA AC and 6mA DC earth leakage protection device is also included.  An earth rod or an expensive external PME PEN fault protection device is not required.

Do I need to install the home "Dynamic load-balancing"?

Installers should consider the main incomer fuse rating, the existing installed load, and whether the addition of an EV charger will likely lead to overloading.  The Alpha7 dynamic load monitoring kit is an easy and inexpensive solution to ensure safe and reliable installations.  Don't forget to select one on your order!

Can I Install My own Alpha7?

We would very strongly recommend against this unless you are a professional electrician with a current qualification for the 18th edition wiring regulations: BS EN7671: as well as specific training, certification, and experience in EV charger installation.  We recommend that you speak to a qualified and experienced local installer to arrange this work.  FastAmps do not arrange installations but in some instances we can recommend an installer: please contact us if you would like more information.

Are cable glands pre-fitted?

No: differing cable size requirements and a variety of possible cable entry points would mean that we would inevitably supply you product with the wrong size of gland in the wrong place.  The Alpha7 housing helpfully has a number of "dimples" in useful places for correct gland placement, depending on cable configuration.

What size of supply cable do I need?

A qualified installer will be able to answer this question for you, considering the specifics of your installation.  The type of cable also needs to be considered, according installation specifics.  As a guide: for a 16A installation a 4sq mm cable is likely to be required; for a 32A installation a 6sq mm cable is likely unless the installation length is relatively short.

Does the Alpha7 need WiFi?

No, the Alpha7 does not have extra components inside that it does not need; components that would make it less reliable and more expensive.  The Alpha7 uses a simple BlueTooth connection to your mobile device, fulfilling the Smart Charge Point Regulations 2021.  The Alpha7 is simple, straightforward, and reliable.

Does the Alpha7 need a network connection?

No, the Alpha7 does not have extra components inside that it does not need; components that would make it less reliable and more expensive.  The Alpha7 uses a simple BlueTooth connection to your mobile device, fulfilling the Smart Charge Point Regulations 2021.  The Alpha7 is simple, straightforward, and reliable.

What are the mounting dimensions?

The mounting dimensions for Alpha7 EV charger are simple and straightforward: 4 off holes in a rectangle 215 by 95mm.  High quality stainless steel screws and DeWalt wall plugs are supplied with the Alpha7.  The drill size for the wall plugs supplied is 8mm, drill depth of at least 40mm.

Alternatively you may wish to consider the FastAmps Alpha7 EV charger mounting post: see the Shop for details.

What Is The Cost Of Installation?

Most simple installations cost around £500.  FastAmps do not arrange EV charger installations.  We recommend that you contact a local EV charger installer with the appropriate certifications and experience.  In some instances can recommend an installer: please contact us if you would like more information or are concerned about a quoted cost for an installation: we can give you advice if you need it.

Can I claim the OZEV EVHS grant?

Yes.  The Alpha7 fulfills the requirements of both the domestic and workplace schemes.  The domestic scheme applies to homeowners who live in flats or people living in rental accomodation.  You must have dedicated off-street parking, own an EV, and have not already claimed a previous grant.  Note that not all plug-in hybrid cars are eligible.  The full list of rules, on the government website can be found here.  Please talk to your installer about applying for the grant.

Can you recommend an Installer?

Whilst FastAmps do not arrange EV charger installations, in some instances we can recommend an installer: please contact us if you would like more information or are concerned about a quoted cost for an installation: we can give you advice if you need it.  

What countries can the Alpha7 be installed in?

Just now, FastAmps are selling in the UK market.  The Alpha7 is designed to be compatible throughout Europe and the USA.  Please contact us for further information.

Which cars will work with the Alpha7?

The Alpha7 is compatible with all EVs.

How long does it take to charge?

The charge time for your car depends on your vehicle’s battery size and on how full the battery is when you plug in.  How empty your battery is depends on how far you have driven and on the electrical efficiency of your EV.

Many people think in terms of “how many miles of range do I get for each hour of charging?” ie miles per hr (mph).  Here are a range of examples:  Tesla 3 (30mph), Mini-electric (29mph), VW ID3 (26mph), Volvo XC 40 (22mph), Jaguar I-Pace (20mph), Mercedes EQV 300 (15mph).  So an 8hr charge gives between 120 and 240 miles of range: more than enough for almost any situation.

In the unlikely event that your battery is empty here are a range of examples of “empty to full charge times”: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (13.8kWh: 2hrs), Mini-electric (35kWh: 5hrs), Tesla 3 (75kWh: 10hrs), Jaguar I-Pace (85kWh: 12hrs), Mercedes EQS 450+ (108kWh: 15hrs).  

How Do I Charge My Car?

Check that the Alpha7’s blue LED is on: this means it is ready.  Plug one end of the cable into your car and the other end into the charger.  Press the "now" button.  The green LED will show and that’s it!  The car and the charger will talk to each other and sort everything else out.   It is simple, straightforward, and reliable. 

How Much Does It Cost To Charge?

This very much depends on the price of electricity and the EV that you own.  At the current average price of 34p/kWh, to charge the average car battery (62kWh) from empty to full (an average of 200 miles of range) would cost around £19. 

Switching to a specialised EV tariff (eg EDF GoElectric 35 / GoElectric 98 or Octopus Go) could reduce the unit cost to less than 12p/kWh overnight.  The integration of solar panels can reduce the cost still further.

Prices correct as of March 2023.

How Often Should I Charge The Car?

You can charge your car as often as you like.  Most drivers “top-up” every day, when their car is not being used, most often overnight.  In this way you are always ready to go!

What do the LED colours mean?

A blue LED means that the charger is “ready” for you to plug your car in to the Alpha7 charger.  A continuous green LED means that the car is charging.  A pulsing green LED means that the car has finished charging.  A yellow pulsing LED indicates that the lock has not engaged or disengaged correctly.  A red LED indicates that a fault has occurred.  More LED information can be found in the Installation & User Guide >

What type of cable does the Alpha7 Unit come with?

The Alpha7 does not come with a cable: it is an “untethered” EV charger.  This gives you the flexibility to choose the length and type of cable that is most suitable for your needs.  A tethered version of the charger will be available later in 2023; it will come with a 5m cable.

View the Installation & User Guide > 

What Kind Of Cable Do I Need?

A “type 2” cable: this is normally supplied with your EV: a charging cable is not supplied with the charger.  Either a 1ph or a 3ph cable will work equally well.  A 32A cable is recommended: a 16A cable will work but will automatically limit the charging current to 16A. 

How Does the Home dynamic load balancing work?

The Alpha7 dynamic home balancing kit works by using a small cable clamp attached to the input cable of your electricity meter.  The cable clamp measures the total current being supplied to the meter.  Settings, made by your electrician inside the Alpha7 charger, makes sure that the supply current never exceeds the fuse rating.  It does this by reducing the charge rate to the vehicle and only increasing it again when there is enough supply capacity.  Users never need worry about switching on the shower and the cooker whilst the Alpha7 is charging!

Can I Plug An EV Into A Regular Socket?

Yes, this is possible: but it is slow!  It will take 2.5 times longer than using the Alpha7 EV charger.  Most EVs come with such a lead included in case of emergencies. 

Can I lock the Alpha7 to stop others using it?

The FastAmps mobile App includes a handy feature to disable the charger when owners would like to stop other EV owners from using the charger.  The LED will be "colour changing" when this feature is enabled.  FastAmps App

Can I turn on my car whilst charging?

Many cars will allow you to turn on interior electrics whilst the car is charging eg radio, satnav.  Some cars will allow you to turn on the heating or air conditioning.  No cars will allow you to drive the car (even a very small distance) whilst charging.  Consult your vehicles user manual for further details.

Is it safe to charge in the rain?

Yes, the Alpha7 and charging cables have a weatherproof design allowing charging, whatever the weather.

The plug will not unlock: what do I do?

The Alpha7 will attempt to unlock a number of times before showing the fault LED.  The most likely reason for this to happen is because the cable connector is not quite inserted correctly into the Alpha7 unit.  A wiggle of the cable connector should free things up.  A power cycle of the Alpha 7 (switch it off and on again in the distribution board) may ultimately be required to unlock if a "wiggle" does not work.  Please let us know if you experience this issue, using our Contact Us page.

What is the warranty period?

The Alpha7 is offered with a 3 year warranty.  In the unlikely event of a malfunction, please contact us.

How long will the Alpha7 last?

The Alpha7 has been designed to last well beyond the warranty period of 3 years.  The simple, staightforward design has been engineered to give many years of reliable operation.  Design parameters have been selected to yield a minimum 10 year lifetime under normal operating conditions.

What Maintenance or Servicing is required for the Alpha7?

The Alpha7 is designed to be completely maintenance-free.  There are no maintenance or service schedules that need to be observed.  Keeping your charging cable connector free from dirt will help ensure trouble-free operation.  The plastic enclosure can be cleaned using a non-abrasive sponge and a pH neutral cleaner.  Please contact us if you have any specific concerns.

What happens if my Alpha7 goes wrong?

In the unlikely event, Contact us and we will do our very best to make sure that you are back charging as soon as possible.

How do I get spare parts?

Whilst we don't expect that you will need any spare parts for your Alpha7 charger, please contact us in this instance.

How do I change the default charging times?

All Alpha7 chargers are pre-programmed to charge only during off-peak hours.  This helps the UK electrical grid avoid overloading at peak times (07:00 - 11:00, 16:00 - 22:00).  This is a requirement as part of the Smart Charge Point Regulations 2021.  The charging hours can be over-ridden at any time by pressing the "now" button.  Alternatively, the user can set different hours, perhaps to synchronise with variable price tariffs.  This functionality is offered through the FastAmps App

How do I download the FastAmps App?

Downloading the Mobile App is easy.  Search for "FastAmps" on the Google or Apple store or click on the link here.

How do I see how much electricity I have used?

This information is available on the "History" screen of the FastAmps App

How do I download the data for OZEV reporting?

Usage data, suitable for OZEV grant reporting, can be emailed as a .csv file by using the FastAmps App 

Is there a volume discount?

Yes.  Contact us if you re regularly buying Alpha7 chargers or if you need larger quantities: we would love to meet up with you.

Can I set up an account with FastAmps?

FastAmps are happy to arrange accounts and terms for regular customers.  Contact us for more information.

What about the Solar Integration?

Enabling the Solar Integration with your Alpha7 EV charger has the potential to significantly reduce your electricity bills.  A current clamp is fitted to the output of your solar array.  When connected to the Alhpa7, the current clamp gives a signal informing the Alpha7 charger how much power the solar array is producing.  The Alpha7 charger can use this signal, 4 times per second, to match the EV charging output to the power generated by the array, up to a maximum of 32 amps.  Pressing the solar button enables this function.  The green LED above the solar button is lit when this function is active.  When the LED is lit, the maximum current drawn from the mains will be 6 amps.  The Alpha7 will operate as a normal charger when the solar button LED is not lit.  It is set to "inoperative" as default, to avoid unintentional operation.  This function (if required) is enabled using the Fastamps App.  

Simple and Efficient

“Thanks for sorting out the charger so quickly. I am very impressed with how easy they are to set up and install. I installed this one in 2 hours.”

Dylan, North Wales