Simply Install

From the ground up, our chargers have been designed for installers. No unnecessary components, a compact enclosure, and clear, straightforward setup. You won’t find a faster install.

Simply Charge

Having fewer components in our chargers doesn’t mean you compromise on performance. While simple, our chargers easily match more complicated options on the market.

Simply Reliable

A wide operating temperature range, tough enclosure and certified through a rigorous test program, reliable is the byword. An EV charger for business or for your home, this is EV charging done right.

Made for installers

From the components used, to the charger setup; our chargers have been designed for easy, quick installation and maintenance. Take a look at our installation guide for more info.

UK based

We’re open, transparent, and accessible. We design and manufacture in the UK: it means you can get hold of us easily when you need help or want to speak to us. Just give us a ring.

For Homes and Businesses

Installer-friendly design: ready for cables from all directions, extra large terminal apertures, ample terminal chamber.
The Alpha 7 Series

The Alpha 7 Series

The FastAmps Alpha7 EV charger is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes and workplace car parks. Its simple, compact, robust, and reliable design provides up to 7.4kW (32A) of power.

Key Features

  • 7.4kW
  • Locking Cable
  • Dynamic Overcurrent Protection
  • IP54 Rating

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Simplify Your Installation

Why Fast Amps?

There are lots of EV chargers on the market. Some are shiny, some have flashing lights, some look like they belong on a starship. All very fancy, but all very complicated. This is not Fast Amps.

At Fast Amps, we make EV charging simple. In the not too distant future, everyone will need a charger at their home, their business, or just about anywhere they park up. Complicated chargers make the electrician’s job much harder, both to install and maintain, as well as making users’ lives more difficult than they need to be.

Using our decades of experience, we decided to do EV charging right. Focusing on simplicity, we have created a charger range that is affordable, reliable, and straightforward.

Learn more about us or take a look at our range of chargers.