Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones...

Simplify Chargepost Mounting with EV Blocks.

EV Blocks offers a game-changing solution for chargepost mounting that is simple and saves time.


The Efficiency of EV Blocks

While you may question buying a concrete block, it's a logical choice in many scenarios. Installing an EV charger involves intricate groundwork, concreting, and anchor bolt drilling, which can strain an installer's patience. However, EV Blocks eliminate these challenges by simplifying the process significantly.

Streamlining Installation

The pre-cast blocks revolutionise the installation process. Bid farewell to concrete mixing, ducting, or waiting for cement deliveries. Simply dig the hole and position the block. Drilling a few holes in the plate (far easier than concrete) and you are ready to fit the post. What used to be a time-consuming, multi-day job can now be completed in less than a day, saving both time and money.

Cost-Effectiveness and Practicality

EV Blocks often prove to be more cost-effective in various installations, making them a sensible choice. Try one for your next installation and witness firsthand the efficiency and savings they offer.


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