Thank goodness: EV charging is set to get a whole lot easier.


January always yields a slew of predictions and projections as to what is going to happen over the coming year. Well, we are no different at Fast Amps. Our big observation for the year ahead: contactless payment, especially for DC chargers.


EV users tell us that home and workplace charging works well. What often doesn't is the charging "on-the-move": using DC chargers for travelling longer-distance, out of range. Complicated Apps, broken chargers, obscure pricing, and no helpline, are problems that affect almost all EV users.


Not everyone is a fan of Government and legislation, but on occasion they actually do useful things. We actually like the look of the "Public Charge Point Regulations 2023". It's going to take a few months, but here's what is in store:

- All new public chargers (over 8kW) must accept contactless payment.

- All public chargers must clearly display the price per kWh.

- From the 24th of November 2024, all existing public chargers (over 50kW) must accept contactless payment.


This is a game-changer.


But there is more. From the same date:

- There needs to be a free-phone number available 24/7 for help.

- All public chargers will be automatically monitored for reliability: 99% per month is the benchmark. Operators providing poor reliability risk penalties of up to £10,000 on each occasion.


Kudos, for this, to the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles and the Department of Transport.


Here's to happier EV travel and charging ???? .


Here's the guidance for those that want to know more: