Get a (very) big discount off your next car...

Yes, you really can save 30-60%.

Sometimes we all wonder about government policy, normally it causes us all anguish. Well, this time it works in your favour: It's what's known as "Salary Sacrifice".

A few things first:

  •  You need to be employed.
  • Your employer needs to offer the scheme.
  • It must be a zero-emission vehicle.

If your employer doesn't offer it, they should, as it will save them money too. Ask them to offer it!

Here's how it works:

Your company rents a car from a supplier on a business contract hire for 2-4 years. You pay for this via salary sacrifice, before tax and National insurance. This is the good bit: it reduces how much tax and National insurance that you pay. You can use the car as you wish.

Your employer meanwhile benefits from reduced National Insurance payments and can recover the VAT on the rental and maintenance costs. They also get very happy employees ???? .

We think that it's a great way to drive an EV; we hope that you do too.

Have a look here for more information:

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All we at FastAmps ask is that you charge your new car with one of our chargers.