Engineering excellence, simply done.

Engineering excellence, simply done.

We’re on a mission to become a brand leader in the electric vehicle charging industry by simplifying the entire process from design, to installation, to user operation.

We believe that complexity gets in the way of change and innovation, so we’ve stripped everything back and created a simple, affordable and reliable EV charger.

When we looked at what it takes to charge electric vehicles, we found that it gets complicated fast.

Installing a charger was too complex.  Chargers had varying qualities of components, and honestly… we found lots of expensive and useless stuff in there.  Reliability issues and patchy technical support led to frustration with users bamboozled by the complexity of it all.

Powered by our exasperation, we decided to take charge and simplify electric vehicle charging.

Harnessing our years of engineering experience, we took a good look at the technology, inside and out. 

We designed, built and reiterated until we reached the optimum of simplification without losing reliability and performance. We built what’s needed using robust components.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Our product charges electric vehicles. No more, no less.

No fuss.
No nonsense.
No problem.

Simply Made

We use less parts to do the same job as our competitors.

Simply Affordable

Less parts equals less cost, which we pass on to you.

Simply Reliable

Less parts equals less things to go wrong once the charger is installed.

Simplify Your Installation